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The Road to World Cup

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"I played on a off branch michigan state team for Mid Atlanic Regional Cup. It wasn’t my normal team, I was just helping out because they needed more players. Anyway, there I met new friends. One of which was cute and nice. He had a girlfriend and I of course have a…

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First off, I apologize for this not being the EOSR #1 you’ve all been waiting for. I’ll get that done on the double, I swear. But the EOSRs this year have been coming out pretty slowly because of a summer project related to quidditch I’ve been working on.


I’m working on an application…

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I have invented this measuring device for the purposes of increasing the efficiency of quidditch tournament setup. This tutorial was created with cones in mind, but there is no reason why it cannot be used to paint, tape, or chalk a pitch. I’ve only given it one test run, but in that test run I was able to mark a pitch by myself in under 16 minutes. I estimate with help or practice it can be done even quicker.