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Snitch Referee Written Test Guide: Commonly Incorrectly Answered Questions


Since the new versions of the referee written tests were released this season, over 100 people have taken the snitch referee test. While a great many have passed, multiple candidates are falling just short of the mark. This guide will clue you in on the five most commonly incorrectly answered questions and give you some hints to steer you on the right path.

The number one mistake made on the written tests is candidates assuming that the rules haven’t changed. They have! The adoption of Rulebook 8 brought with it a wide variety of changes to quidditch in all different areas of the sport. Don’t just assume you know the answer from having played before, because the odds are good that the rule has changed!

If you do nothing else, make sure you take a look at the changelog, which documents all of the changes made from Rulebook 7 to Rulebook 8. The changelog can be found at the very end of the rulebook.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the hardest questions on the snitch referee written test and learn where to go to make sure you know the right answers.

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Turtle Cup IV Recap


Richmond Quidditch had a fantastic time at Turtle Cup IV yesterday!

Scores from pool play: 

  • Win over VCU, 100*-30.
  • Win over GMU, 130*-40 
  • Win over Syracuse, 100-40*
  • Loss to Villanova, 50-60*

We advanced to bracket play as the fourth seed.

  • Quarters: Win over Rutgers, 100*-10
  • Semis: Loss to UNC, 80-170*

Making it to the semis is the furthest we’ve made it in a Maryland-hosted tournament.

Every person on our team played their hearts out yesterday. Chasers, keepers, and beaters all made great offensive and defensive plays throughout the day. It was incredible to see the strides our players have made in the four/five weeks we’ve been practicing this year.

Special shoutout first to our seekers for the day. Gabe Obregon, David Brakman, and Austin Nuckols all caught a snitch.

Second special shoutout to our rookies who were rostered. Stryker-Ann Vosteen (C), Hannah Small (C), Jeff Noble (C), Sean Frey (C/K), David Brakman (S), and Dylan Heaney (B) all did wonderfully at their first tournament. Could not be more proud of them.

A huge thank you to UMD for hosting a great tournament.


Best friends, teammates, family. Wouldn’t trade this team for anything.